Idli Kaaram Podi – 250 gms


Idli kaaram podi (Net weight – 250 gms)

Were the fresh dal is used along with many other spices to make this product.

This pickle is a READY TO EAT, Home made Andhra style.


K B Foods supplies a traditional and homemade Andhra style Pickles/Pachadi and Kaaralu/Podulu.

We supply around 40 plus spices with different taste and aroma.

Idli Kaaram Podi (Net weight – 250 gms) :

Its a traditional style homemade product, the basic funda of this powder is no preservatives and flavors are added to this product, just followed the elders style and suggestion for preparing the powder.

taste good with Idli


Home Made

No preservatives are added

it can easily stay for 9 plus months

Store in cool and dry place and keep away from moisture

better to store in glass bottles and use fiber or wooden spoon while removing the product.

food products cannot be returned once delivered.


1) Please contact for bulk orders to avail the discount

2) This product is shifted only in India.

3) Food products cannot be returned once delivered.

4) If the quantity is more than 5 kg, free delivery will be taken care.


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