Poori is a type of Indian flat bread, and a popular breakfast across South India. it is a small round shaped deep fried bread, goes good with potato gravy, channa gravy and many other gravies.

Preparation time 

  • Prep time: 15 mins
  • cook time : 15 mins
  • total time : 30 mins
  • serve : 4 people

Ingredients for Poori

  • all purpose flour 150 gms
  • wheat flour 250 gms
  • water 200 ml 
  • salt 1/4 tsp
  • refined oil to fry 

Preparation of Poori

  • First mix, all purpose flour, wheat flour and salt to make soft dough. Use oil while mixing.
  • Keep aside covering with wet cloth for around ½ hr.
  • Mean while heat oil in a deep fry pan.
  • Make small size pedas and flatten the pedas in to thin round shape.
  • Cook in the deep fry pan (deep fry), until puffed and become golden.
  • Good to eat when it is hot.
  • Finally serves good with potato kurma and channa masala.

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