Red Chilli Powder

Currently it became a trend of purchasing red chilli powder from market. Earlier our elders were preparing the Red Chilli Powder using basic spices, which will give taste to the food. They never use to add any masala items in to the dish, current scenario after adding red chilli powder also, we need to add lot of masala items, and still we will not get the proper taste to the food.


KB Foods will help you in getting a pure homemade Red chilli powder, which is prepared in a basic Andhra style method. The famous high quality Guntur Chillies are added to the product along with Daniyallu, Cumin seeds, Fenugreek seeds, and Turmeric sticks. Which will give the real taste of the Red chilli powder and enriches the quality of the dish?

And no artificial preservatives, colors and flavors are added to the product.

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