Multi Grain Sprouted Malt Powder

A great blend of Sprouted Malti Grains, Cereals and Millets are made in to Malt powder to make a very much nutritious food. Which can be consumed as malt, it can be mixed with dosa batter, can be used to make chapatti’s, poori.
Ragi | Finger Millet (Sprouted)
Black Gram (Sprouted)
Red Matta Rice
Red Gram (Sprouted)
Sajjalu | Finger Millet (Sprouted)
Moth Bean (Sprouted)
Maize (Sprouted)
Kidney Bean
Green Gram (Sprouted)
Blend of 20 Ingredients
Soya Bean
Green Peas (Sprouted)
Channa (Sprouted)
Ground Nut | Pea Nut
Black Eyed Bean
Jowar | Sorgam (Sprouted)
Bengal Gram | Fried Gram

Ingredients for Multi grains sprouted malt

  1. Finger millet | Ragi | Ragulu | Kezhvaragu
  2. Wheat | Godhi | Godhuma | Kotumai | Gehoon
  3. Jowar | Jola | Jonnalu | Tinai | Jvaar
  4. Pearl Millet | Muttu ragi | Sajjalu | Kampu | Baajara
  5. Maize | Makke jola | Mokkajonna | Colam | Makka
  6. Red matta rice
  7. Green gram | Hesaru bele | Pesara pappu | Payatham paruppu | Moong dhal
  8. Red gram | Togari Bhele | Kandi pappu | Tuavaram paruppu | Masoor dhal
  9. Black gram | Uddhina Bhele | Minappappu (uddi badlu) | Ulatham paruppu | Urad dhal
  10. Bengal gram | Kadale bhele | Senaga pappu | Kadalai paruppu | Channa dhal
  11. Moth beans | Nari payaru | Matki
  12. Soya bean
  13. Green peas | Pachi batani | Pattani | Hara matar
  14. Kidney beans | Capparadavare | Cikkadu ginjulu | Rajma
  15. Pachi chanagalu | Channa
  16. Black eyed bean | Alasande kalu | Alasandulu | Karamani | Lobia
  17. Ground nut | Kadale beeja | Pallilu | Nilakkatalai | Jamina pagala
  18. Sago | Sabbakki | Saggubiyyam | Cakovil | Saaboodaana
  19. Barley
  20. Cardamom

Preparation Time:  5 Days

Preparation of Multi Grains Sprouted Malt

  • First clean and wash all the ingredients separately. Dry the ingredients which will not be sprouted.
  • Secondly soak in water, the grains which need to be sprouted for around 10 to 12 hrs, use drinking water while soaking. Make sure all the ingredients are soaked in separate containers, the process is called fermentation.
  • Then drain the water from the soaked ingredients, wash and keep aside.
  • Next step, tie tightly each of the grains in a separate cotton cloth, and hang up to a strong rod or a pipe.
  • Every, one or two hours pour water on to the tied grains, use drinking water to pour on the same.
  • Follow the same process for 24 hours, and then remove the tie.
  • You can see the grains which are sprouted.
  • Now spread widely on to the white cloth and dry it, don’t mix the grains.
  • It can be dried in sunlight, if no sunlight it can be dried in side also.
  • It can take 2 to 3 day or more to dry, depending on the climatic condition.
  • Later heat the deep fry pan, and fry all the ingredients in a low flame. Be very cautious while frying the ingredients, since it may over fry and the entire malt will be spoiled, and the smell also will change if it is overdone. And the malt will give bitter taste.
  • Fry all the 20 ingredients, which are not sprouted also.
  • Now all the ingredients can be mixed together, and keep for some time till all are cooled.
  • Finally grained all the ingredient together to make a fine powder.

Now the malt powder is ready to make very good healthy and energetic malt for all level of age.

  • First mix the 2 to 3 spoons of malt in to 400 ml of water and mix well, make sure no lumps.
  • Then heat on the flame with regular stirring, till the malt is cooked and get its pouring consistency, don’t overcook and spoil the malt.


  • The malt will have a very good aroma, since it’s been sprouted and fried.
  • The malt does not contain any type of flavor or taste, because it is not mixed with any of the artificial preservatives, flavors or color.
  • The malt will be slightly sweetened, since all the cereals are sprouted.


  • Jaggery can be added in to the malt while cooking, which will assist the malt to taste good and mainly children’s prefer to drink malt easily.
  • Not to prefer sugar, this advice is mainly for diabetics, better with jaggery.
  • For small children, you can add dry mixture powder of Badami seed, cashewnut and Pista.
  • Last but not least, many of the children’s not prefer for drinking malt, in those cases, it can be mixed with dosa batter, chapatti’s, poori and in the evening it can be made like a batter and serve as a dosa.

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