Millets Sprouted Malt Powder

Ragi, Bajara and Jowar, All the 3 Millets are soaked, sprouted, dried and fried to make healthy malt, especially for Diabetic and weight loss.
Ragi | Finger Millet
Bajara | Pearl Millet
Jowar | Jonnalu
Blend of Millets

Preparation time : 5 Days

Ingredients for Millets Sprouted Malt

  • Finger millet | Ragi | Ragulu | Kezhvaragu
  • Jowar | Jola | Jonnalu | Tinai | Jvaar
  • Pearl Millet | Muttu ragi | Sajjalu | Kampu | Baajara

How to make Millets Sprouted Malt


  • Best preference for the one who want to reduce weight.
  • Generally suffering from diabetics.


  • Not to prefer this malt to the growing children’s, since it’s mainly consumed to reduce weight. This is not perfect for growing children.
  • Not to disturb your food habit, you can prefer to drink the malt in the evening times, and reduce the dinner quantity.

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