KB Foods

KB Foods the manufacturers and suppliers of freshly HOME MADE products, with a unique style of preparation, generally analyzing the food habits of all the age levels the KB Foods came out with a new concept of food product.

When we speak about the current life style, we are getting different style of foods with different taste and aroma, but we are missing the nutritious food in our diet. This is very much required to our body. KB Foods, keeping all this concepts in to consideration, targeted mainly on the nutritious food.

As mentioned, a unique style of preparation, KB Foods sprouting the grains, cereals and millets and enhancing the nutritious level and energy level of the particular food. Further making a malt powder from the germinated food in a simple basic concept, please refer to recipes provided.

The basic moto of KB Foods

  • Free from chemicals.
  • No other substances are added except the specified ingredients.
  • No preservatives, Flavors and Colors are added.
  • Purely home made.

About Products and Ordering

  • The malt powder does not contain any type of flavor or taste, because it is not mixed with any of the artificial preservatives, colors and flavors.
  • The product is slightly sweetened, since the ingredients are sprouted. And good aroma because they are fried before processing to final product.

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  • For further details and food ordering online please go through our SHOP

Phone|waatsapp|SMS @ 99722 51825

e-mail @ [email protected]

Mode of Payment – 99809 06465

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Cash on delivery available

Conditions on delivery:

  • Radius of 2 kilometers will be free delivery, minimum order 1 kg of any product.
  • Next level will be postal courier, order for any quantity, postal charges are applicable.