Our Approach

Kaarthika’s kitchen will give out ideas, with some freshly prepared and unique style of cooking recipes. It includes all South Indian regions traditional and modern standards of cooking,

The recipes in Kaarthika,s kitchen are made in such a manner, were every individual at any age level can understand. Mainly considering the requirements and needs of house wife’s the recipes are drafted. Because they are the one who really need this to take care of their family, considering from old age people to small kids, 

Our Story

My father is an expert in food industry, he completed his Hotel Management and experienced in many star hotels. At his leaser time he use to teach me how to cook and what all points to be noted while cooking. The way he taught me, is in a very simple English language. And I was able to understand very easily. So I personally felt that when I am gaining a good knowledge and tips related to food recipes. why cont I share the same knowledge and tips to the house wife’s who is really needed.

The easy way of sharing the knowledge and tips of food recipes is the social media. Were they can view and experience any type of South Indian recipes. So I started collecting all the recipes which my father guided, taking his help have created a website – and posted many recipes. Further will be sharing more and more recipes as I receive.