Andhra Cuisine

Cuisine – First of all Andhra Pradesh is of Telugu speaking people. Amaravathi the Capital of Andhra Pradesh covering two major cities, Guntur and Vijayawada. River Krishna and Godawari being the main source of irrigation. The State divided in to three regions, Coastal Andhra, Uttar Andhra and Rayalaseema.

Coastal Andhra region – Firstly the region it self speaks about coastal area, that means lot of sea coast. Hence here fish being the main source of food and income for the people. And the main crop grown at this region are rice and chilli. Were rice the staple food of Andhra Pradesh. And rice being the main course of the menu in any of the Andhra cuisine and Andhra restaurants. As everybody is known that the Andhra food is rich and spicy compare to any another region. People at this region prefer to have their meals in plantain leaf and banana leaf and prefer to eat with hand instead of using cutleries. And in the end of the meal maximum people eat curd rice to end their meal.  Pappu (Dal), tamarind, tomatoes and gongura are largely used for curries, the gravies, pickles and podis (powders) made at this region are very tasty and spicy. And are famous in many other regions like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and many places in North Indian.

Majority of area is covering the long coastline of Bay of Bengal. Hence seafood are the staple diet at this region, Bommidala Pulusu, Chapala pulusu and many more sea foods are famous at this region  This region has its own variations, but ultimately the dishes are predominantly rice-based. Nellore region in the southern part of the region has its own unique recipes.

Uttar Andhar region – First of all Uttarandhra region has entirely different style of cuisine, Uttarandhra region is the northeastern districts of Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam border of  Coastal Andhra. While Visakhapatnam district has its own style of Cuisine which is closer to the rest of Andhra. Were Vizianagaram and Srikakulam have a slight difference in taste compared to rest of Andhra. The cuisine of this area has its own distinctive flavors and unique taste. The people of this region like to eat many of their foods sweeter than other regions of Andhra Pradesh. They prefer jaggery in their preparations. Karappoddi, popular curry powder that is served with Dosa, Idly and Upma.

Rayalaseema Andhra region – The other part of  Andhra Pradesh called Southern part, has some unique dishes in its cuisine. Rayalaseema food habits is famous for its spicy, because they use much of chilli powder in almost all the dishes. Seema karam is unique to its dishes. This region include rice, jowar, ragi based food with a combination of neyyi as well as Raagi Sangati, usually served with pulusu or spinach.

Karnataka Cuisine

First and far most to feel proud, garden city of India is Bangalore, the Capital of Karnataka. Karnataka cuisine has different variety of food. First of all, the famous traditional breakfast for South India, which are much familiar world wide like idli, vada and dosa, was invented in Karnataka in the region of Udupi. Certainly in Karnataka most of the people in some regions prefer food with jaggery, palm sugar. Similarly, the State divided in to many regions. North Karnataka cuisine, Coastal cuisine, Coorgi cuisine, South Karnataka cuisine and Udupi cuisine.

North Karnataka region – In this cuisine the staple grains are sorghum (jola), pearl millet (sajje) and rice. At this region the climatic condition is very hot. The people from this region are familiar with much verities of spicy chutney powders. The food served at this region are inexpensive but are tasty homemade food. Most of the people at this region are vegetarian. Finally this region  can be consider as almost low consumption of non vegetarian in India.

Coastal Karnataka region – The coastal Karnataka is a region covering the Arabian Sea. Likewise, sea food is the main base at this region. And coconuts and coconut oil production is high, also the staple grain is rice. As a result, most of the vegetarian food are made with coconut oil.

Coorgi Region – This region is of very hilly region, and found monsoon much of the time, the region is famous for its coffee and tea estates. Above all, their cuisine is entirely different from other cuisine. The Coorgi cuisine is majorly use of pork, the staple food remains rice based preparations.

South Karnataka region – South This cuisine is mainly from old Mysore, Bangalore the capital of Karnataka comes under this region, certainly, here the cuisine is dominate by ragi and rice  and some parts by Jowar. The remarkable sweet in many parts of India is originate from this region –Mysorepak. Here most of the food we serve in banana leaf, including breakfast. 

Udapi region – Its again a birth place of some favorite south Indian dishes, as I mention, idly, vada and dosa are originate from this region. Hence, we can find many udupi restaurants across all parts of India serving breakfast throughout the day.

Kerala Cuisine

Kerala is known as the land of spices. The cuisine offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, Kerala is having a long coastline, seafood is the prominent food for this region. The entire region is of hilly area, and lot of spices are grown in this region, Kerala is famous for coconut trees, we get lot of coconut and coconut oil, here the dishes are majorly made from coconut oil. Onam is the big festival for this region, and most type of chips are made from this region. Even we found many Christians and Muslims in this region. The main cuisines of the Christians are chicken stew.

Tamil Nadu Cuisine

Chennai is the Capital of Tamil Nadu. Rice (sappadu) the main stable food in this region, served on banana leaf. Here the region has a rich cuisine for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Chetinard style of cooking is very much famous in this region, we found many restaurants of same style in other parts of the country. And most famous Ambur biriyani comes from this region.

Telangana Cuisine

In Telangana the cuisine is unique in the region. So here the people are mainly depend on millet and roti based dishes. Jowar and Bajra are most used in the cuisine, in the villages the people mostly use traditional style of cooking. This is the only region in South India which is not touching any coastal area, and the people at this region depend on fresh water fish. When we speak about the capital, Hyderabad, the major area is coming under Muslims. And we all know in entire India, Hyderabadi biriyani is very much famous and can found lot of restaurants by name Hyderabadi biriyani.