Home Made KB Foods

Multi Grain Sprouted Malt

                     20 different type of Cereals, Grains are soaked, sprouted, dried and Fried. to make a very healthy and tasty malt.

Questions, generally arises in today’s world!!!

What to eat to be healthy? How to be free from Diabetics and weight loss?

Prefer Sprouted malts at KB Foods.

Why to eat Sprouted malt at KB Foods?

Free from chemicals.

No other substances is added except the specified ingredients.

No preservatives are added.

Purely home made.

How to believe?

Used to give to my own kids, better than any other example to believe.

At what age we can consume?

It can be consumed at any age level, we have preferred malt depending on the requirements, and age limit.

Does this serve one complete meal?

Preferably YES for children’s, but not sure for youngsters and elders.

It can be consumed every day?

Preferably YES in the morning, and again it depends on the food habits of each individual.

It should be consumed only as malt?

No, it can be consumed as malt, it can be needed as dough and consume as chapathi, poori. And the sprouted powder can be consumed in many ways as you prefer.

What all other products does KB Foods serves?

Andhra style podis and pickles – home made.

How to order food at KB Foods?

Order online at

Phone, whatsapp or message at 99722 51825.

How it is delivered to us?

Radios of 2 kilometers will be free delivery, minimum order 1 kg of any product.

Next level will be postal courier.

Is it delivered only in Bangalore?

No, it can be served to any part of Globe.